Senegal is a favorite destination for French anglers. The warm coastal waters of the Atlantic abound here with fish due to the merging of warm equatorial currents and cold currents from the Canary, which stimulates the growth of plankton, the basis of the food chain.

Senegal has over 250 species of fish, including swordfish, sailfish, red carp, and barracuda. It is not uncommon to catch tuna weighing 100 kg, marlin in 150 – 200 kg (marlins weighing up to 600 kg are caught). Given all of the above, it is not surprising that fishing is unusually popular in Senegal. The Senegal team twice became the world champion in sport fishing: in 2002 in Spain and in 2003, when the world championship was held in Senegal.

The largest accumulation of fish off the coast is from May to November, and this period is the best for ocean fishing. From November to May, the fishing season begins in the mangroves on the islands of Sin Salum. In mangroves, Merow, captains, stingrays, barracudas abound. The world record for catching red carp was set in the fishing center of the Koer Salum hotel.
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In Dakar and in the tourist center of Sali, there are several fishing centers equipped with the latest technology. Senegal Travel offers you ocean fishing with the PHOENIX 38 , specially adapted for sport fishing competitions. Yamaha boats are used for fishing in mangroves.