Web Video Editor Mini is a script written in PHP / JS for manipulating video. Allows you to cut videos into pieces and merge them. Convert video to: MP4, WEBM, FLV, OGV.

FEATURES AND POSSIBILITIES FFmpeg server applications are used for video manipulations. Ability to cut and combine fragments of video. Convert video formats: MP4, WEBM, FLV, OGV. Import and merge videos, images, audio. The ability to overlay text on video. The ability to add background sound. Displays the progress of processing. Queue processing system for users. Facebook authentication

Google authentication
Registration, authorization, password recovery.
HTML5 video player.
You can upload a video in 3 ways: file, from YouTube, by URL.
Cut the fragment without transcoding.
Simple database of files.
Simple configuration (in the file).
Ability to translate interface. Ready translation files in English and Russian.

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File Size 15.5 MB
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Version Version 1.2.1
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