If you are a small company / developer / system administrator / freelancer / etc. that provides a wide range of services, and you are looking for an easy way to sell these services to your customers without paying high commissions to third parties, then RoboSet may be the right tool for you. . RoboSet helps you create a professional and solid portfolio of services to offer your customers.

You, as an administrator, will create your services in the backend area. The service contains the name, price, previous price, description, requirements, availability, function, status, etc.

These services will be shown in the external interface, and your customers can order them. You can also create services that are available only to specific customers, if you have special agreements with these customers.

As soon as the customer orders your service, a new task will be created for the newly created order, in which the customer will provide you with the information you need to provide the service. Each task has its own comment area, where you can discuss with the client, and also allows you to set the progress of the task. You can also create as many tasks as necessary to provide the service, in case you have more steps. When you are done with the task, simply update its progress to 100%, and the task will be marked as completed.

At all stages, you and the client will receive updates by email for each change made to the task or service. Once the tasks are completed, it is assumed that the service has been successfully delivered.

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