This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add additional content to your posts in just a couple of clicks: pictures, videos, news, product selections, messages from social networks and other subject materials. A powerful all-in-one solution for creating partner sites, price comparison sites, discounts and product reviews. Content Egghas many professional features that you can see on the best sites of similar topics. Creating such sites is now possible for everyone, without spending thousands of dollars on developers and content creators. 

What is it for?
Maintaining thematic blogs is one of the easiest and at the same time effective ways to make money on the Internet. But it is not enough to write or buy an article for a regular publication, the design of a new post takes a lot of time. Photos, videos, product offers, text content – all this makes your resource useful for visitors and for attractive search engines. Content Egg plugin helps to solve many of the problems described. For example, you write a small article-review of the new smartphone, and all additional content is added automatically using a plugin. In addition, Content Egg has out of the box support for various popular affiliate programs. You can not only easily add the relevant issue of goods, but also automatically keep it up to date. This is a great way to make money on your blogs! Another great feature of the plugin is autoblogging. You can create websites in different languages ​​automatically by simply setting up a task for autoblogging.

How it works? 
On the page for creating a new post, the plugin adds sections to search for content: 
you simply enter a keyword and click the “Find” button. 
The plugin searches and displays results for you. 
Now you can choose what to add to the post, as well as edit the results.
It is very simple and fast: repeatedly search and add data directly on the post editing page without reloading the page. Each block for content search is called a module. Most modules receive data through the official API. Therefore, in order to start using the plugin, you will need to register with some services and specify your API access keys and other preferred module settings. Do not worry, we will provide a detailed manual how to do it.

To activate, enter any data (email and key).
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