WooCommerce Ajax Tabs Myaccount is a clean, simple and easy plugin that allows you to customize tabs in a WooCommerce user account and convert them to ajax tabs. Starting with WooCommerce version 2.6+, the “My Account” links are displayed as tabs. These tabs link to individual pages, not embedded content. Here the plugin comes into action. Users can navigate through tab links without refreshing the page. The content of the tab is selected using an ajax request and served on the same page. After all the tabs are loaded, the plugin saves the contents of the tabs and serves it, without making a duplicate ajax call. Thus, users can navigate through the tabs several times without any load on the server.

With the WacCommerce Myaccount Ajax Tabs Plugin, you can easily customize the myaccount tabs and add new tabs of your choice. New custom tabs can be reordered using a drag and drop list. In addition, the contents of the tab supports overriding templates. That is, if you want to use custom php code on the myaccount tabs, just copy the php files in the theme with the same endpoint name, and the plugin will detect it. The built-in tab content area supports HTML and Shortcodes.

The plugin works seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce, and any decently coded theme. The total size of the resources used in this plugin is no more than 60 KB (of which 28 KB is the image of the preloader). This can be a good choice to give your visitors a good user experience, especially when you get a lot of traffic and server load.

File Name
File Size 2 MB
Demo Link Demo Link
Version version 2.0.0
Original Price $24