Jumbo React – Redux Material BootStrap Admin Template

This is a complete administration template based on the Google content design concept and combines the two most popular user interface libraries. Material user interface and BootStrap implemented using 500+ of reusable components for reuse. This is the first editor of the admin panel, which has built-in full modules, such as chat, contacts, mail, affairs and calendar.

Even if you want to learn how to create a full-featured application in React, coding style, documentation standards, folder structure and best practices used in Jumbo React , and Also 6 pre-built embedded applications can help you in your learning process.

Jumbo React includes over 300 user interface components, over 150 widgets and metrics, over 25 full-level PSDs, and over 130 developed pages.

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File Size 330 MB
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Version version 3.1.2
Original Price $24