You will be able to include a loyalty program based on points in your e-commerce.

Neuromarketing research has shown that if someone gets a gift, he almost feels that he has debts. Thus, you will create customer loyalty, but they do not realize it.

This is what all loyalty programs use: reward in exchange for loyalty. 
So why not include something like this in your store? This is easy to do with the help of YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards , a plugin specifically designed to manage scores for the loyalty of your customers.

For each purchase, for each action in your store, they will collect points, which in total will turn into a discount on a new purchase.

But for those customers for whom it is almost impossible to get even the first reward (that is, those on which programs based on points do not work), instant reward is the best choice: immediate satisfaction that the right, because it is not required, is much more effectively inculcate a positive attitude towards you in the minds of customers, even completely unconsciously.

Proof of pudding in food: if you were offered a 50% discount on any item in exchange for registration in a technology store, would you not want to buy something?

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