YaaX is a SaaS platform that allows you to create, through a single application, unlimited social network spaces. This means, that with your same application, you can give services to multiple companies, each one of them with their own users.

YaaX allows you to monetize your application, charging monthly or annual fees, for the use of your platform.

And the best thing is that YaaX now supports CUSTOM DOMAINS.

Update V1.3.0 [18 July 20]

Some code blocks have been improved.
The payment gateway with Stripe was implemented.
The gateway with Paystack was implemented.
The management of hashtags in messages has been optimized.
A hashtag trend viewer has been placed on the dashboard.
The trend display can be turned on or off by the administrator.
The administrator can choose the period and the amount of hashtags to be displayed in the trend viewer.
The super administrator can now disable or enable so that the administrator of a network cannot place announcements.
The super administrator can now place ads on the dashboards of the networks that are created.
The super administrator can now place advertisements on the user profiles of the networks that are created.
The menu for the Super Administrator section has been reorganized.
The System Currency module is now an option. Now the super administrator can add the currencies that he considers necessary.
Fixed some errors.
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