Create a platform for Anonymous Feedback. Empower your community to share the truth for once.

What is Anofie?

Anofie is an anonymous feedback system. Using Anofie, you can launch your dedicated platform for Anonymous Feedback on your domain. Anofie is better than the popular anonymous feedback website. It is more secure, scalable & ready to use in production.

Just download it, install directly on your server and start collecting honest suggestions and feedbacks from your friends, employees, or customers creatively and professionally.

Awesome & Advanced Features

  • Better Than Original
    Anofie is better than the popular anonymous feedback website. Anofie is secure, scalable & ready to use in production.
  • Global Usability
    Multi-regional, timezones, languages including RTL support. Set default regional settings and use Anofie anywhere in the world.
  • Extra Responsive & Friendly UI
    Fully responsive design, optimized for a mobile-first experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops
  • Git Managed & Easily Upgradable
    Anofie is version controlled with Git. Easy to update to newer versions and track new changes. Auto-update with Anofie installer.
  • Message Incognito
    Send and receive messages while remaining anonymous. When a user knows their privacy is protected, you can count on their honesty.

Framed Messages
Add custom background frames and select one when sending a message. Also, share the framed message on social media.

Why Choose Anofie Pro ?

  • Get The Source Code & Deploy On Your Server
    Our all-in-one anonymous feedback platform is the ultimate self-improvement script for both personal and corporate environments. Collect honest suggestions and feedbacks from your friends, employees, or customers in a creative and professional manner.
  • Discover Weaknesses
    Learn what your community people are afraid to tell each other by collecting honest feedback.
  • Increase Employee Retention
    Employee turnover is expensive. Give your employees a voice and boost company morale.
  • Responsive. Secure. Robust
    Protecting your customers with state-of-the-art security and a clean and attractive user-interface regardless of screen size. Optimized for all devices in an increasingly mobile-friendly world.
  • Full Support From Installation to Deployment
    Whether you want us to install it on your server, manage it on a monthly basis, want to request a new feature, or have any other query, our support team is here for you every step of the way.

Our Services for Anofie Pro

  • Free Installation (Non-Developer License only)
    You get free installation, deployment & server setup for all premium products.
  • Lifetime Free Updates
    You get premium product updates for free for lifetime
  • 6 Months Free Support
    You get 6 months free premium support on all premium products
  • Review & Ratings
    You can add reviews & ratings on products to express your thoughts.
  • Support Tickets
    You can submit Support Tickets for any kind of personalized support.
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